Who Are We?

         We are a co-ed fraternity of SUNY Delhi. We were founded in the Spring of 2008 by our 5 Founding brothers and sisters Sara, Tiffiny, Rocco, Adam and Trisha. We became recognized in the Spring of 2009 with the help of Alpha, Beta and Gamma classes. The purpose of Beta Kappa Xi is to provide any student with the opportunity to join a co-ed fraternity, where their diverse personalities can be accepted to help them grow into a strong family. With this support it is believed we can all help develop a bond and a stronger sense of what a family really is. The meaning of Beta Kappa Xi is having strength, loyalty, being outgoing, and having bravery and creativity. This organization has also been designed to promote an opportunity for students to meet new people. We promote Community Service, Diversity and Academics.